I am a first-year Ph.D student in the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering at Kyushu University, Japan. I am with the Intelligent Robots & Vision System Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Ryo Kurazume. I received a B.E. in 2015 and an M.E. in 2017, both from Kyushu University. My reseach interests are in computer vision and its application in robotics.

Research Interests

CV/ML applications for human-robot symbiosis space / intelligent space
– Human activity analysis from multi-perspective vision
– Immersive visual interface, cross-modal interface


Scene understanding for autonomous robots
Gait image analysis for person re-identification


Ph.D Student in Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Apr 2017 – Present
Kyushu University, Japan

M.E. in Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Apr 2015 – Mar 2017
Kyushu University, Japan

B.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Apr 2013 – Mar 2015
Kyushu University, Japan

A.S. in Electronics and Control Engineering, Apr 2008 – Mar 2013
Kumamoto National College of Technology, Japan

Research Experiences

Intern, Oct – Dec 2017
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Research Assistant, Apr – Sep 2017
Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems, Kyushu University

Intern, Aug – Sep 2015
Toshiba Corporate Reseach & Development Center

Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistant, Oct 2015 – Sep 2017
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
Mathematics, Numerical Computation

Lecturer, Apr 2015 – Mar 2017
Kyushu Electric College, Fukuoka, Japan
Computer Exercise


NHK Robot Contest “Robocon”, 2008 – 2013
Development of bipedal walking robots (simple and classical)


Programming Languages
Python, C/C++, Java, MATLAB

ROS, OpenCV, PyTorch, Chainer, Caffe, Git, Android app